I have learnt a very real lesson just lately. That is everything in life is finite, and cherish what you have got as it might not be there tomorrow.

On Friday the 12 of December 2014 I got a distressed call form my mum ‘Dad has fallen and not responding’. He had had an Aneurysm in his brain. On Saturday morning at 1.20 Mum my brother Ben and I said good bye for the last time. One month later and I still cant believe it has happened.

I can’t thank all of you who have sent kind messages of support and anecdotes of good memories.

Mum thought it would be fitting that this challenge be done in Dad’s memory. And so it will. Thank you to all who have donated to the two charities in his memory.

My sails will now be embossed with his typical ‘Dad’ signature he always used when signing our cards!

Good bye Dad you will be missed by us all.