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Summer 2016 and Tom will windsurf across The North Sea to Europe to raise funds and awareness for charity.
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The Project

Being a sufferer of dyslexia all my life and a massive water sports enthusiast, I decided it was about time to help others who have helped me in in the past. Please support me as I sail across The North Sea on a surfboard to raise awareness and funds for The British Dyslexia Association and The RNLI.
It is my turn to help make a difference to the lives and well-being of others.


Ten percent (10%) of the population are dyslexic; 4% severely so. Many of the dyslexic people across the UK are unable to fulfil their potential as a large percentage of the population still do not understand what dyslexia is. Dyslexia is not an obvious difficulty; it is hidden.

The British Dyslexia Association is the voice of dyslexic people. They aim to influence government and other institutions to promote a dyslexia friendly society, that enables dyslexic people of all ages to reach their full potential.

To make a donation to the British Dyslexia Association please click here

Read More About Dyslexia Here ….



The RNLI is the charity that saves lives at sea.

They provide, on call, a 24-hour lifeboat search and rescue service around the UK and Ireland, and a seasonal lifeguard service.

With their lifeboats, lifeguards, safety advice and flood rescue, they are committed to saving lives.

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Read More About the RNLI Here ….

First Day Flying

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Our Numbers

The objective of this exercise is to raise awareness and funds for the two charities that have been ever present in my life.
To make a donation to the British Dyslexia Association please click here.
To make a donation to The RNLI please click here.
£ 2,610
Money Raised
£ 20,000
Sailing Hours
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Fantastic Sail

Well I wasn’t expecting that! Rigged up in the rain. With my big board I made and my 9.6 meter sail (massive to people who don’t windsurf) and had 3 …